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If you haven't done these steps yet, go to the Home screen now, select Set Up Your Kindle, and follow the onscreen prompts. If you bought your Kindle online using your Amazon account, it is already registered to you. To verify, tap the Home icon and look for your Amazon user name in the upper left corner of the Home 29 Sep 2011 cable included with the device, or another USB cable approved for use with your Kindle, with a compatible USB charger or USB port that meets the following requirements: USB-IF Battery Charging Spec, Rev 1.2." That's it. It's a very short User's Guide, which points you to Amazon online Help pages for Welcome to your new Kindle. This short guide will familiarize you with all of the features and functionality of the Kindle. Additional help is available on the Kindle Support website (, including a printable PDF version of this guide. Some features and functionality may not be available based on such 9 Feb 2016 If you do not update the devices' software by March 22, 2016, you will no longer be able to access Kindle services or get the update via Wi-Fi or a wireless connection. To resume access, you will need to manually update the software on each of your Kindle devices. Please visit our Help page for more 16 Mar 2012 21 Mar 2016 Thankfully Amazon has listed step-by-step instructions for manual upgrades over on its device help page. If you're unsure whether your Kindle will be affected by the update, here's a list of the readers that Amazon is insisting are updated: Kindle 1st generation (2007). Kindle 2nd generation (2009). Kindle 11 Apr 2011 They even included an excerpt towards the top of the user manual on how to fix this, stating, “If your Kindle does not power on or is unresponsive during use, try resetting the device by sliding and holding the power switch for 15 seconds before releasing.” Here's what I recommend—and it has worked for me This short, informative guide will familiarize you with many Kindle features, and can generally be read in less than. 10 minutes. Additional help is available on the Kindle Support website (, including a printable PDF version of this guide. Press the Next Page button on the sides of the device to keep The most recent software update for some Kindle e-readers provides updates needed to continue using some services on your device. This update should automatically download and install when your Kindle is charging and connected to a Wi-Fi network. If it doesn't, you may need to manually install the update to regain 30 Sep 2011

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