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22 Dec 2013 The Islamic Funeral – An Authentic Step By Step Guide. Attached is a PDF leaflet for free download and distribution. Guide to help you with: What to do at the point of death. Grieving and mourning. Condolences. Washing and shrouding the deceased. The funeral prayer. The burial. After the burial. Common death is evident, the body should be prepared and taken out of the house for prayer and burial as soon as possible. In this way, contact with the dead body is minimized, which keeps the grief and hurt of seeing the dead down to a minimum. Abu Hurayrah related that the Prophet said "Hasten the funeral rites." [Collected in It is the right of a Muslim that when hetshe passes away other Muslims should pray the Janazah prayer for them. In many ahadith, the Prophet Muhammad E emphasised and encouraged the Muslims to attend funeral ceremonies. Every Muslim male should try his best to ful?l his duty towards the deceased. If no one from the A guide to Muslim Funerals. 4. 2. The Funeral Prayer. 3. The Burial Process. All the deceased Muslims are buried and there is no cremation. There is usually no need for embalming. An important note for the Nursing Home, Hospital or. Doctor regarding the "Cause of Death" certificate. Kindly note that the Funeral for Muslims When a Muslim dies a Janazah Salah (Funeral Prayer) performed before burying her/him. The. Imam and a few people offer the Janazah Salah (but even one person apart from the Imam would be sufficient for fulfilling this duty). Holding a Jama'at is not required for Janazah Salah. Janazah. Salah is called NIYYAT (intention) should be made as follows: "I am performing this Janazah Salah for. Allah behind this Imam” (The Salah being a prayer for the deceased). After the. Niyyat the hands should be raised up to the ears and the Imam will give the first takbeer by saying “Allahu Akbar” loudly and the congregation will repeat this Janaza (Prayer over dead body). DEATH AND BURIAL OF A MUSLIM. PART 10. Go also to the Islamic Bulletin Website to download Your free Islamic Last Will www.islamicbulletin enter here THE MUHTADHAR. A person on whom the signs of DEATH are clearly seen ILLUSTRATED. JANAZAH GUIDE. Compiled. By. Mohamed Ebrahim Siala. SALMAN AL - FARISI ISLAMIC CENTER. 610 N.W. KINGS BLVD., P.O.BOX 35. CORVALLIS, OREGON USA The reward of Janazah prayer and following the Janazah until the burial is finished is explained in the following Hadith of Prophet Abdullah ibn Umar would not recite from the Qur'an in Salatul Janazah. (Muwatta Imam Malik p210). The Prophet did not specify a particular recitation from the Qur'an for Salat-ul-Janazah. (Al Mughni vol2, p485). It is not correct to 'recite' in the form of Qirat, surah Fatiha and other portions of the Qur'an in the Janazah prayer 266). Whose funeral alah was offered first by the Beloved. Prophet ? The funeral alah was first initiated in the era of Sayyiduna. Adam. , angels recited four 'Takbirat' in the blessed funeral prayer of Sayyiduna Adam. In Islam, the order for the funeral alah becoming mandatory. (Wajib) was revealed in Madinah Munawwarah.

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