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Typically only about 20% of the points raised need action and some of these end up as notes in the operating instructions. Do not think that HAZOP only applies to hardware – it can apply to a procedure and a computer system. The parameters and guide words will change but the principals will be the same. See later. Hazop terminologies HAZOP Guide Words & Process Parameters. The guide words provided above represent a standard set. Most companies customize their sets of guide words and many companies use different sets based on the type of unit operation being examined. The guide words AS WELL AS, PART OF, and facilitated by using sets of “guide words” as a systematic list of deviation perspectives. This approach is a unique feature of the. HAZOP methodology that helps stimulate the imagination of team members when exploring potential deviations. As a risk assessment tool, HAZOP is often described as: A brainstorming technique. Principles of HAZOP. Concept. Systems work well when operating under design conditions. Problems arise when deviations from design conditions occur. Basis. a word model, a process flow sheet (PFD) or a piping and instrumentation diagram (P&ID). Method. use guide words to question every part of process to discover The team focuses on specific points of the design (called "study nodes"), one at a time. At each of these study nodes, deviations in the process parameters are examined using the guide words. The guide words are used to ensure that the design is explored in every conceivable way. 3 Sep 2015 HAZOP – Guide Words FLOW HIGH LOW ZERO REVERSE. INTRODUCTION. In this paper, I propose to consider the need for a focus on Human Factors in Hazard and. Operability Studies (HAZOPs) and then restate the basic principles of HAZOP in order to show how the established Guide Word driven method can be used for HF issues. We shall also consider the appropriate way For each node in turn the HAZOP team uses a list of standardised guide-words and process parameters to identify potential Deviations from the design intent. For each deviation, the team identifies feasible Causes and likely Consequences then decides (with confirmation by subsequent risk analysis where necessary) follow up plan. 2.5.1 The HAZOP Team. The group carrying out the HAZOP will typically consist of a team of approximately five to eight people. 2.5.2 Full Description of Process. 2.5.3 Relevant Guide Words. 2.5.4 Conditions Conducive to Brainstorming. 2.5.5 Recording of Meeting. 2.6.1 Computer HAZOP (CHAZOP)

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