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For complete documentation information and specific program eligibility requirements, refer to the Freddie delivery to Freddie Mac. Caution (not A-minus .. from the employer stating the terms, including but not limited to, the scheduled amount and duration of the payments. Military income. (including reserve income). Automobile Allowance. • Mortgage differential. • Military income, entitlements and reserve duty. • Seasonal employment and unemployment compensation. 5303.3: Additional employed income a) General overview b) Income history and stability requirements and guidance c) Earnings types for additional employed income. 6 Jul 2017 Auto allowance. – Mortgage differential. – Military entitlements. – Military Reserves & National Guard. – Unemployment with seasonal employment. 16. Loan Product Advisor®. Primary. Secondary. Additional. Freddie Mac's Single-Family Seller/Servicer Guide Topic 5300 FUTURE REVISION 07/06/17 This reference provides an overview on borrower reserves, including how Loan Product Advisor® determines reserve requirements and data entry tips for the determination of reserve requirements. Loan Product Advisor determines the minimum amount of reserves requiring verification and returns this information on the 28 Mar 2016 Effective 03/28/2016. * No Exceptions Allowed. FREDDIE MAC (LP) Conventional Loan Matrix. Freddie Mac Underwriting Guidelines (Continued). Occupant Borrower. Contribution. Borrower Funds (including the down payment) and reserves may come from the occupant and/or the non-occupant Borrower;. 20 Jun 2016 Radian. Underwriting. Guidelines. 2. Effective: June 20, 2016. Radian Underwriting Guidelines | Revision Notes. Rev 20160614. Doing Business with Radian. Certain seasonal second homes are now Freddie Mac requirements. Radian does not Reserves: 2 months ? $650,000;. 6 months > $650,000. Understand the different types of income and the Leave and Earning. Statement (LES). – Military Status. – Documentation Requirements. – Documentation Review. – LES Review Reference Military Income- Freddie Mac. Military income, entitlements and reserve duty income A Borrower who is a member of the United 19 Jul 2017 For Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac loans (conforming), reserve requirements vary based on credit score and LTV, along with property type. They can range from as little as zero months to as much as 12 months, depending on the scenario. As a rule of thumb, more risk requires more reserves. There is no 31 Oct 2012 leave, military and military reserves, mortgage differentials and assets as a basis for mortgage qualification, refer to the Freddie Mac Single-Family Seller/Servicer Guide, Section B24.3 (f)(i). The guidance includes income types referenced within the existing LP messages as well as all other income types. Page 9. Loan Product Advisor® Documentation Matrix. INCOME AND EMPLOYMENT DOCUMENTATION, continued. Topic. Documentation Requirements (Streamlined and Standard Documentation Levels). Military Income. Military Reserve and. National Guard income. (continued). (Guide Section.

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