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4 Mar 2016 5 Feb 2017 For decades the Epiphone Les Paul has been a way for up-and-coming guitar players to experience the Gibson Les Paul sound and feel without enduring the huge price tag. Truthfully, even advanced guitarists may choose Epiphone over Gibson based on the cost alone. But what about based on quality? 30 Sep 2013 14 Dec 2017 Knowing how to choose the right electric guitar can often be overwhelming. Let the experts at The Hub from Musician's Friend help you make the right choice. 16 Jul 2014 Everything you need to know for buying your first, or ninth, axe including our picks for the 7 best electric guitars from budget to rockstar. 30 Sep 2015 It can be quite daunting trying to choose the guitar that's right for you. Our electric guitar buying guide can help make things a bit easier. This Sweetwater Buying Guide includes information that can help you choose an Electric Guitar for your needs. Since there's so . More advanced neck-through designs use dovetail joints or dados – a “tab” in one piece that fits into a slot in the other – to connect the full-length neck to the body wings. Some players feel that If you've decided to pick up the electric, chances are you were inspired by your favorite guitar player or group. When buying your first axe, feel free to go after the look that made you want to play in the first place. If the bluesy bends of Stevie Ray Vaughan made you want to get off the couch and on the stage, consider an 9 Apr 2015 Whether you're buying for yourself or for a loved one, purchasing a new electric guitar is an exciting experience. From the moment you plug it in to the first chord you strike, it's a moment that signals the beginning of a musical journey that could last a lifetime. Of course, it's for this reason any musician's first 10 Aug 2017 Looking for different types of electric guitars? This ultimate buying guide includes everything you need to know about electric guitars!

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