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Aiways Committed to Quality, Technology 8. innovation. Digital Readout System. Operation Manual. ( Lathe Option } Purpose: During the machining on lathe, because the turned part's size reduced at twice as much as the actual X During machining operations. operator can store the work piece datum {zero position) in New Easson ES-12C 3 axis DRO system mill lathe 3 axis digital readout and 3 pieces GS10 digital linear scale for lathe milling. Order includes. -1 pcs Easson ES-12C 3 axis digital readout, mounting arms and accessories, user manual. -3 pcs GS10 linear scales, scale covers, mounting accesries. ES-12C DRO description. Low power consumption approach is used in the system design of ES-8, therefore, even ES-8 is designed for very wide voltage supply range ( 160V~260V / 80V ~ 130V ) operation, linear power supply can still be used without serious heat generation, linear power supply offer execellent noise immunity and proven highest Kits include everything you need - a display head, mounting arm, power cord, operators manual, standard length scales of your choice, shields, mounting hardware, a handy collet holder, brackets, etc. Kit price To purchase the Easson ES-8A two axis Lathe Kit, fill out the form below then click the "Add to Cart" button: 21 Feb 2014 Advanced Functions of Easson Lathe DRO. Linear error compensation. XZ axes summation. It includes a ES-8 serial readout, user's manual and all the other accessories for installation will also be include in the package. Please contact the seller in advance if you prefer other models of readout instead of ES-8. 22 Apr 2012 THe EASSON COMPANY is a manufacturer of glass scale Digital Readout systems. EASSON's mission is to be the premier manufacturer of digital readout products. EAsson primarily produces digital readouts for milling machines, lathes, and EDM's. Our current offering of Digital Readout systems: 13 Jun 2016 Item includes: Easson ES-8A DRO 1pc. GS10 linear encoder 2pc. mounting brackets and parts 1lot. English manual 1pc. Features of Easson DRO. Membrane Seal diaphragm touch keys (Water/Coolant/Dust Proof) Die-Cast Aluminum Casing. Power Supply Voltage: AC 90V ~240 V,50 Hz ~ 60 Hz (Automatic Detection) ( 3.BR.05.0034 ). II. IEC 61000-6-2. IEC 61000-6-4. EN 61000-6-2. EN 61000-6-4. GB/T 17799-2. GB/T 17799-4. EMC. 3.BR.05.0031. (. ) (. ) 3.BR.05.0026. ( 3.BR.05.0001 ). ES-8A. ES-8A. 2.1. 2.1 ES-8A

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